Entertainment and fun

If you are looking for entertainment content such as adorable photos of our pets or enjoyable videos then you are at the right place!

Dog Care

Dogs are the most popular pets around the world. Almost anybody you see nowadays, has a dog. But caring for them is sometimes not the easiest thing. And thats why we are gonna teach you the proper way!

Bird Care

This is where you will find the proper way of caring for your bird. Wheather its a Budgie or a Macaw, we are going to teach you how to care for your feathered friend!

“Pets – They are a part of us”

Pets Professors

Pets bring so much happiness and joy in our lives. They show unconditional love and form unbreakable bonds. That’s the reason why, we consider them, a part of us!

About Us

If you are new here then welcome. We are a sister team who improvise on caring for your pets in a proper way.

Note: We are not veterinarians. If you have medical concerns with your pets then take them to a certified vetranarian.

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